Acting or Writing? Anyone else highly profficient in that area?

I feel that as a person with MD im pretty apt for things where I have to role play a character. I mean isnt that what MD is about? I feel that I can create a character in my head similar to the one i need to act out. I can cry as if the pain is my own. I can feel anger as if the pain is my own. I remember there was 2 types of actors and i think im in the emotional side. The thing is the pain i feel its not just in the moment it carries with me for the rest of the day. When i daydream i dont just daydream the character is me and i act it out.  I know that md can have a really negative impact but sometimes i feel like it helps me when im acting on a stage or writing a creative writing piece.

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I never did any acting like a school play or community theatre, but I bet that most of us could. I wish I would have tried to be involved in some type of drama during my years of education. I might try it in the future. I agree, a lot of us can place ourselves in books, shows, and movies within our daydreams and feel what the characters are feeling. I bet some famous actors actually have something similar to what we have, especially the ones who remain in character or who almost become the characters themselves it seems.

I have been told I'm an excellent creative writer, as well as gotten a 100% on a story once :3

Although I rarely have the motivation, when I do write I do it in a similar matter as in the way I think when I am daydreaming.

I never got into acting either, but I've always liked to play 'silly' and make weird voices and stuff and act as a weird person around family and friends. I'm not sure if that really counts as acting... LOL.


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