Bit knew to this.. I've had this 'disorder' for about 2 years.. I think? I was just wandering does anyone else do stuff their character would do but they wouldn't do? like when I was shopping today I was buying the mascara my (not real) character would choose whereas the real me would have chosen the other? Does this make sense?

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Yeah, I've bought certain clothes that my characters wear.  I wear them sometimes when I'm daydreaming - it helps me get more involved.  Also have bought certain accessories to go with the clothes.  Special kind of waistcoat and belt, for example.  I don't wear those outside though, only when I'm at home.

So happy it's not just me! Thanks for replying :)

Michelle's right - you're not the only one who does this!

Some of my characters wear a uniform.  I've bought certain things online to replicate that.  I've not spent too much, but I find it's more fun to dress up like the characters sometimes.  I only do that for the deeper daydreams though.

I am sorta the opposite of my character, but sometimes I gotta do what she does. An example would be forcing myself to smile and interact with people, even when I don't feel like it. My character is very good at this, as she is good at faking things, but it's a lot of effort on my part. One time I went and bought a long-sleeved striped black and white top that looked kinda revealing and feminine. I don't know why I bought it, maybe because it looked good? It's a shirt that only my character would wear. I'm more tomboyish, prefer to dress low key, so I often wear casual clothes such as t-shirts.
I've definitely done this. I'll be around friends, or in a school classroom, and I'll suddenly change to acting like my character. My personality will completely change, and everyone suddenly starts asking me if I'm okay, because I got extra quiet. It's kind of embarrassing, actually.

I have a whole separate wardrobe I acquired over time that one of my alter me's would wear but I really wouldn't. I've been wearing them "dressed down" lately so they don't go to waste, but sometimes I have an emotional high and end up dressing it up the way that particular alter me would (edgy, but not over the top.  Real me would rather be invisible) Mostly I end up dressing the way she would when I'm going to daydream as her and no one is home. I get all decked out. I can't daydream as her in my regular clothes, it just won't happen. 

My alter ego acts like  an exaggerated, uninhibited and theatrical me. I sometimes when I'm really comfortable with someone I'll start throwing out a heap of sayings my AE wll say. My -current - alter me is male (with his best female friend being a cool version of me), so I do have clothes to dress like him (I'm fairly tomboyish so no one notices) but like some of you guys have said, I only do it for the deep daydreams. Once I did fully deck out in clothes the style of his work gear for a thing at school (where you had to wear clothes like this) and because a lot of my art work is based around my imaginary world (and at the time my hair was cut like his...I didn't realise this when I got it cut. Anyway he sort of has androgynous 1980s glam rocker hair) my art teacher said in front of the class 'Rose! You're dressed like Kelvo!' and everyone laughed and I felt absolutely silly. My mum made the comment 'you got your hair cut to look like Kelvo.' That made me feel worse. That day on I swore I'd never dress like my alter ego in public. I still have his haircut though, and dress like the 'cool me' character which I figure is fine because she's basically me.


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