Abosolutely NO inspiration! is this a good or bad thing???

i have gone through all the recesses of my mind. combed my brain for some amount of inspiration and fell short of anything useful. it makes me frustrated and almost empty inside. i do have a few ideas swirling up in my mind but they seem like a quick dead end. My daydreams leave me with a sort of "high", and i might consider myself going through daydream withdrawals. i NEED something to solid to work with... what should i do? take advantage of my lack of inspiration and keep feeling empty until that feeling goes away and i have a possibility of being cured? i doubt i could lose inspiration long enough to overcome MD though.



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I completely empathise about the feeling of withdrawal. I am currently "between daydreams" (sounds bizarre ay?!) but am bascially going back and forth between old ones in order to get by. I am not sure I want the rush of finding a new one, that's my worst (and ultimately best) stage, that's when I can't sleep and I get sick and dizzy and can't focus on anything in my real life.

At least with the "re-runs" they get me by without the massive amount of adrenaline.

I can't sleep without daydreaming first. As far back as I can remember I have gone to sleep daydreaming. I have tried to fall asleep without it but just feel restless and frustrated. And yet my insomnia is caused by the daydreaming, like I said this is at its worst at the starting point of a new daydream.

This is a vicious cycle. If you are like me a trigger will find you or you will find a trigger in time anyway. It's just not that easy to escape from I don't think. But maybe try and enjoy the "down time" while you have it, and focus some attention on your real life before it all gets swept away again!

That's what I do anyway, not sure if it works that way for anyone else.



I'm quite in the reruns right now, it's so frustrating when I can't think of anything, so I keep playing the same old scenes in my head. I get depressed when I can't think of anything new :(


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