I'm in the middle of a week's holiday and I have spent most of it in my head. Other than leaving the house to do choirs that needed to be done e.g.. shopping and getting a hair cut I have spent most of my days pacing and listening to music. 

My parents are at work all day and then silent at night as they are going  through a bad time at the moment.

I know when I get back to work everyone will ask what I have done and I will list the boring things while in my head I have travelled and had fun and made friendships and fallen in love.

I would really love to stop but at the moment the only thing that can pull me into reality is being at work and surrounded by people as soon as I am alone it takes over and i feel like an obsessive weirdo as I constantly daydream about one person.

My dad was fixing my laptop the other day and commented on the fact YouTube had opened onto this person's videos I felt guilty and embarrassed even though my parents know anything about this person and it was just an interview I was watching but I still felt like he was going to say whats wrong with you? 

Does anyone else waste their week's off? Do you try to go away or have plans?

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Yes I've done this too Sam, exactly the same, especially when I was a teenager. You're kind of embarrassed about it, and worried you're wasting your time - at least I did. And then your parents find something (or brothers in my case) and you're terribly-conscious about it but really I don't think they realised they saw anything notable. It's all so intense to you it's hard to comprehend others don't see things the same.
My major reject is my school work, which I messed up massively.
I can remember having a week off from work once & being incredibly excited to have next to no plans. I had just started a fresh daydream scenario prior to my break & spent nearly the whole vacation in my head.

I completely understand what you mean. I am 17 years old and I spend most of my time pacing around with music in my ears doing 'nothing' when I have actually solved problems, went on adventures, tried new things, and became new people. I'm supposed to be studying for exams and tests, doing homework, help around the house, and work on my senior project (which is writing a novel); but all i do is pace around upstairs where no one sees me with my headphones on. I recently told one friend about it and I kind of regret it, since technically we're not on good terms now, but i feel like i was expecting something from her I just don't know what. I expected a different reaction and it bothers me since she was accepting of it and ok with it and all I feel is disappointment all about her reaction. Anyway sometimes I feel like the only thing keeping me happy or content or anything is MD. Honestly thinking about it now I don't know what my life would be like without it since it's been with me for such a long time. I want to tell my mother about it, but I'm not sure how. Iv'e introduced the concept and she said she'd heard about it. I told her I was studying about it in school, then asked her what would she do if  say my brother had it. She said she would take him to a psychiatrist and try to explain it to my father since my father isn't too open minded, it's either your'e crazy or not. Iv'e researched some psychiatrists near me and none of them treat this I don't know if i should contact and double check but I doubt that they know. Honestly, if no psychiatrist treats MD near me what's the point of telling my mother if she'll try to fix it on her own by trying to force me to stop which btw when i get cut off from MD i get quite angry and depressed. Sorry for the ramble.

I'm in the same position Me, I'm much older but trying to pluck up the courage to tell my friend (who also happens to be a counsellor). I know she'd listen and be sympathetic, but I've never discussed this with anyone and I don't know if I could start now. It's a big hurdle. I do think though with MD you're not crazy, it's just an addiction. I get depressed too if I don't daydream. Is your Mum naturally a sympathetic person? It's such an unusual thing it's difficult to comprehend, but if you think of it you're addicted to daydreaming like other people are addicted to sugar, it's not so bad (and considerably less unhealthy!)


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