An idea which can helps as I try to stop DD and they keep coming back.

Thank my DD character for being there for me and ask them to keep looking at my dreamworld when I am not there. I took the idea of what my psychologist says about my feelings: “take them seriously, they are there for a reason, they have been helping you once so just thank them and tell them you are safe without them, you do not need them anymore.”  It was about feelings but it is just as good for DD.  

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That's actually a pretty interesting idea.
However, my DDs aren't imaginary friends. They are movies and tales that I create in my head. D:

Any suggestions on how to stop those?
I have both types of DD. Actualy I start this with a fantasy hero. It is not the first time i speak directly to a fantasy DD character. Its like a movie were characters can stop and speak with you if you ask them to.


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