I've seen this some time ago and found it to share. Thought some of the men would want to watch this and can relate.

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Not just the men, mate! I'm sure us women can relate too! It's a good video. Kinda like a poem we looked at in English this year, but I actually like the video. Not the poem.

Thanks for sharing!

wow. that was amazing. It did bring a tear to my eye.

I can definitely relate to this and not just in terms of romantic relationships. There are many times when I'm passed up on opportunities to get close to people and have lost the chance to make potentially really good friends. 
Thanks for sharing mate, I really enjoyed it. 

This video makes me think about all the crushes that I've ever had so far in my life, as well as all those guys who asked me out but got declined.

That was a really good depiction of md, thankyou for posting it


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