Do you ever wonder how the celebrities you MD about would react if they knew you were in a way obsessed and daydreamed about them all the time?

I remember seeing this special on Dr. Phil where this girl had the biggest crush on Joel Madden (from Good Charlotte) and her room was plastered with his pictures. Her life revolved around him. Joel Madden made a video for her explaining that she needed to have her own life because she deserved her own happiness and that he is not a person to idolize. He is a normal person too.

I feel like if Sum 41 knew, they would tear me a new one! 

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I've thought about this a few times but the reality of the celebs reaction keeps me from obsessing about it. The fact that the celeb would most likely have a negative opinion of me makes me block the thoughts. I couldn't bare the rejection. I'm sure he would think I'm insane & probably leave straight for the courthouse to obtain a restraining order lol.

i always thought of that.
one of my characters looks like kristen stewar, i met her a tiff and i was like "holy shit, what if she knew, what if i told her right now, what would she think?"

im trying to meet the celebrites that look like my characters, (Id never tell them, thatd be really fuckin weird) but i want too. taylor momsens next.

i have a character based off someone i saw on youtube. i personally think hes perfect. i have him on facebook (hes changed his hair and stuff so he doesnt look like my character anymore) and i look at his pictures where he looks like my character and then i realize "wow, this is just some random kid from ohio. if he knew, he'd be soo creeped out"

i feel creepy having him as a character now, but his characters so important, idk asrgjsetio;hsrtj

EludeMyFantasies, I know the celebrities would never find out but it still is a strange thought. Makes me feel that MDing is something to be ashamed of, ya know?

And to be off topic, I did meet Sum 41. I actually had a conversation with Cone, the guy I've always had a crush on. He was asking me questions about where I was from. It was so funny because all of the other fan girls were giving me the death glare! He wanted to talk because I wasn't screaming at him like some crazy woman. He also winked at me haha. But I guess if he knew, it would have been quite interesting.

And Ashlee, yeah I can definitely see where you would make a random person your character. Its possible. And I love Taylor Momsen! She may dress a little alternatively, but I think she's a very creative and intelligent person.  

Ahaha well my character looks more like Taylor when she was in gossip girl but I get what you mean! Aha
And sum 41 is from my area! My moms best friends sister went to high school with Derek and there old guitarist shops at the grocery store my mom works at :p
And a girl I know saw cone at costco, and one of their moms has the license plate "sum41mom" and I've seen her like once
Idk I thought that was a cool thing to mention, Canada things LOL

I think it's part and parcel of being famous that you are now someone that the public might obsess over. No celebrity imagines that no one fixates or obsesses about them. That's literally the meaning of the word "fan" - it comes from the word "fanatic." But celebrities just hope that the public's admiration is all positive and that no one is out to do them harm. I think most daydreamers whose worlds revolve around celebrities are of the positive kind who would NOT want to see their celebrity harmed.

Ashley: That's really crazy you have seen that license plate ahha. That is a cool fact. Thanks!

Catauxgory, yes that does make sense. I guess they would assume to have people obsessed with them. MDers really aren't harmful- so I guess some of them would react positively. That would be interesting to actually talk to the celebrity about your daydreams, wouldn't it?

Besides my family, music is the most important thing in my life and the people who make the music I love have become very special to me. I'm afraid of ever meeting any of them and crying and telling them how much I love them. I know if I were a famous musician, this would worry me a bit for the person crying at me and telling me, "I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH I DON"T REALLY KNOW YOU." Wouldn't that worry you? XD

When I was 16,  it was Bono.  LOL

i had a lot of musicians/bands in my DDs during my teenage years (Robert Smith of the Cure was a big one too)...

These days its more characters from movies (ie The Thing, Aliens, 2001: A Space Odyssey).  Can you tell I like sci-fi?  

Aw! I love Bono. XD But I would see him more as a father figure. Haha!

I have wondered what the guy would think. In truth though, it is not the same as an obsession. I was obsessed with a celebrity when I was a teenager and I'm talking about true obsession. I googled him every day to see if there was any news on him (several times a day) And wasted hours looking at his pictures. It absolutely consumed my life and it was hell. With this guy, it's different. I don't google him or stare at his pictures for hours (I actually only see pictures of him when he tweets them, I don't actively seek them) I only daydream about him. Which, okay I'll admit, it sometimes takes a toll on me. But it does not compare to that obsession I had.
Anyway, sorry for making it more about obsession than DD.
I imagine my celeb crush would be freaked if he knew. Good thing he'll never find out!

I actually almost got to meet one of my main characters--I ended up chickening out and not going to the party. I think it would have been just too hard for me to see the reality of him as a real person and this not matching up with the person in my own fantasy.  (I had started a thread on this disconnect a while ago.)


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