Well, obviously I'm new here :) I just want to start of by asking a quick question...How old are a majority of the people who have MD? I feel like I might be one of the youngest.

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Hi, Mattie.  It's impossible to know for sure the average age of people with MD........because most people don't even know about it.  Most people on here seem to be in their teens or early 20s.  I'm 30, and there are a few grown-ups too.  I've had this all my life.  People start at various ages.  Most seem to start when they're pretty young.  How old are you?  I think we have members as young as 13 or 14 on here.  Everyone is welcome as long as they're nice to each other.
Well I am aware that to be able to join this site you have to be 13. But me, I'm a bit younger. I kinda close to 13 so I think I should be okay....Thank you for replying by the way.
Well, I'm 20. Old as fuck.
Watch your language.  We have kids on here.  

Penguin said:
Well, I'm 20. Old as fuck.
He's middle-school age, his classmates have a vocabulary that would make me blush :P
Haha, I'm not a he. I'm a she.
I thought your name was a contraction of Matthew, or something like that :P
That's true, but still.  You can curse at me on twitter, ok?
i'm 14 but my md started when I was about 11.

Penguin said:
Well, I'm 20. Old as fuck.
20? lord, you are a baby. Please:D
FWIW, I am 48. I've had this mess of a problem since I was 4. I was told it was a symptom of my depression when I was a teen (1980-81). I used to think it was a problem along the lines of depersonalization disorder....but, I'm no shrink, far from it...
Interesting that it is suspected to be a disorder in its own right....
I've had MD since I was 3 or 4. When my friends stopped playing pretend I never did stop xD welcome aboard Mattie!
14 here!


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