I found out that Im a wild mind like you just yesterday and I am so happy about it!!

What helps me to not start my imagination machine is a dynamic yoga practise.

The Yoga teacher, is telling you which move to execute in synchronization to your breathing rhythm.

Afterwards Im feeling so great about my body and so light that I dont need to drift into a elaborate dream-world no more.

My other medicine is reading difficult books at night or in the morning. If Im drifting a bit off, I just read aloud to discipline my focus. 

Reading only works if Im not overly excited or anxious about something, than I can barely discipline my mind.

Im still having the habit of drifting away from moment to moment but with time it probably will become better, but I dont build those big dream worlds like every other day no more. 

Im also happy to be a wild mind because it helped me through a tough childhood and teen-years.

Great that this group exist!

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