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Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming

Day 1 - I've been Maladaptive Daydreaming for over four years now, and I know that it's time to stop. I've recently been able to improve my life, but am facing some obstacles right now and want to clear my mind and focus on improvement. Today I spent a huge amount of time in depression and daydreaming, trying to escape my current circumstances and overlooking all the blessings in my life. I truly believe that all our lives have so much value, value beyond our imagination, and that we should try our hardest to recognize that value. So right now, I will take small steps, starting off by forgiving myself for all the mistakes I have made, and calmly take on whatever I need to do.

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Day 10 - Today I kept myself busy for a large portion of the day, and as a result my MD was not that intense during those times of the day. However, towards the evening my daydreams did creep up and I allowed a feeling of tiredness and laziness take over and prevent me from taking the actions necessary to create a fulfilling evening. All I can do at this point is just to resolve in my mind that I'll give my best from this moment forward to cherish my time, and in the process keep my daydreams at bay.

Day 12 - So today I was somewhat busy and I did try keeping my mind motivated as much as I could, but I found myself sinking deeper into daydreaming. I've realized that my self-discipline is starting to deteriorate as I have less concrete goals at the moment, and that lack of discipline is making way for daydreaming. I really need to get up and get things together. I guess I should start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier so I have more time to focus on my goals in real life and spend less time being indecisive and daydreaming.

Day 22 - I had a fairly active morning with many emotional ups and downs. Right now I think it's critical that I keep myself busy, do something that makes me happy inside, and constantly watch my mind.

Day 32 - Honestly my daydreams have become more severe over the past two days, especially due to a sense of disappointment that I am not living up to my potential in real life. I really need to wean away from that perspective of pressure and focus more on inspiration. I need to ask myself the following statement: what did I come here to do? It is completely fine if I slip and make mistakes in the process, but giving up all hope is simply not an option.

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