Most potent form of energy is THOUGHT...

. Watch your thoughts, they become Words


. Watch your words, they become Actions


. Watch your Actions, they become Habits


. Watch your Habits, they become your character


. Watch your Character, it becomes your Destiny.

Where THOUGHTS goes ...ENERGY flows  

Your Mind is an Antenna, control your THOUGHTS or be contorl.



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Comment by Dwayne on February 7, 2012 at 8:31pm

Very well said, What we have is an  extraordinary gift. I believe we MDers tend to think as well as over think more than the average person for many different reasons. Our thoughts are also unremarkable, many of which not deriving from the essential nature of as we know it. And thats the beauty of  THOUGHTS.

However, we must  learn to control such an extraordinary gift, for it is directly link to our sense of Emotion.  And an MDer is very SENSITIVE AND EMOTIONAL.

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