hey there, Im kind new here or at least Ive never posted anything but Ive been feeling quite anxious recently so Ill share a little bit of my worries in this blog post. okay so I just finished high school successfully which suprised me the most, I thought id at least get one bad grade but my grades were the opposite of that, so other than having a mental breakdown and skipping a useless exam my senior year went by well...academically. Because of that I was accepted into a med school that I didnt think would accept me... I was thrilled but confused since I never really wanted to go med but for some reason I recently changed my mind which is why i applied... anyway this is all irrelevant, whats going through my mind right now is whether ill be able to survive med school with all my day dreams. its true that ive survived highschool but i did everything last minute I never stuck to any of my schedules and I would excissively day dream every chnace I had... which is why I was suprised with my good grades. Uni is different tho what if I cant study enough because of this alternate world I keep wanting to be part of. I refer to md as a blessing curse really, Im sure you know what im talking about, it helps us but it still harms us in many ways... I dont even know why I have it but Ive always had it since I was a kid.. i havent suffered a certain trauma which makes me feel like an ungrateful bitch... ive always had everything i wanted nd yet here i am day dreaming to escape my okay reality.

Im getting a bit off topic so ill end it here, if anyone out there is also worried abt their studies Id apprecoate it if you shared your story too or if you could give me any tips?

thanks for reading I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you

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