Trading minds with someone who doesn't have MD

Ever wonder what exact thoughts go through a "normal" person's brain throughout the entire day, from waking up to work to coming home, etc.? I've gotten so used to the way I think, I have no idea what "normal" people think about on a regular basis. I wish I could ask someone without MD what their thoughts are 24/7 for an entire day. 

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Comment by Philip Dorrell on June 5, 2015 at 8:45pm

I think I'm a "normal" daydreamer - I've come onto this site because I'm researching the relationship between music and daydreams.

Even as a normal daydreamer I don't necessarily want to admit to the world all the things that go on inside my head, especially given that I'm signed on here with my real name.

I think my inner thoughts are more often problem-oriented than the more fictional and fantasy-success style daydreams that I read about here. If I engage in problem-oriented thinking, then I don't feel that I've "wasted" my time in thinking, because I might be making progress towards solving those problems. If I'm developing a theory, I might have daydreams where I'm explaining my theory to an imaginary audience - but this is a semi-realistic rehearsal, and it helps flesh out exactly what I think I'm trying to say.

I do sometimes engage in daydreams that have an element of fiction and fantasy - but probably not anywhere as much or as intensely as self-reported MD-ers. I would say that almost every type of daydream that I have read about on this site is recognisable as similar to "normal" types of daydream, and the difference is mostly one of degree.

I have noticed personally an effect of music on daydreams, especially if the music affects me strongly, but the resulting daydreams tend to be rather vague "wandering in a lonely alien landscape" daydreams. If there's strong music and an attractive woman is singing or playing, that can lead to a temporary "I'm in love and she's in love with me" daydream.

Comment by Pathfinder on May 28, 2015 at 2:27pm

I thought about this!! And it's awesome that there is someone out there who's been wondering about it too!

I think it is way less tiring for them! Their minds are occupied with practical things, also they are less emotional and sensitive (it gets me real tired of living through DDs, while they are simply working next to me :D it is way less complicated for them!) They do think about loads of stuff but not constantly. Not as much as we do. I envy that they can relax when they want to. My brain won't stop just like that.

Comment by Roel on May 17, 2015 at 8:08am

idk, sometimes I imagine them being empty headed. Only thinking and dreaming about real things that exist, only thinking about their work and hobbies, and never even take time to do what we do all our lives. I know I am a buthole for thinking of them like this. They probably think about other stuff too, they can't just be that simpleminded, that is absurd. I am just a bit mean and unsympathetic towards them I'm afraid, sorry. I have no clue.

Comment by Alta Morden on May 14, 2015 at 12:07pm

I have gone for lengthy periods without DDing.  What you think about is lot less interesting/exciting, that's true.  And some is pretty random, just noticing things and people, speculating about them etc.  The good part is that I get a lot more done in those periods where I can shut out the DDs, also I am a lot less tired as I actually sleep at night rather than DD half the night away.

Comment by Alison on May 14, 2015 at 10:15am

A couple of times I tried to google it, lol. And it seemed so boring.

I also tried to think like a normal person, I mean without all this DD stuff, but it didn't last for very long.

So sad. :(

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