Honestly, I never want my md to go. It's been with me ever since I watched my first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

and ever since then i've just developed a whole new world using the characters from that show. In all honesty I've just presumed I have MDD considering most of what Eli Somer, who has presented this theory, has said matches what's been happening to me for a solid 10 years or so.

A friend pointed out to me that I create situations in my imaginary world that match what's happening to me in real life, which is kind of true.  I just take the difficult situations or the best situations that happen to me in real life and put them into a place where I can handle it my own way and perfectly. I love the character I have for myself, she's everything I aspire to be.

Honestly, dont even know what to say anymore. Apart from I think Maladaptive Daydreaming 'disorder' is beautiful and I dont think I ever want to stop.

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Comment by Dani on July 26, 2012 at 11:21am
I'm with you; I wouldn't ever want to stop DDing. It can be very beneficial, as long as you keep it under control and don't let it consume your life. Here's a list of pros and cons I found on here:
-extreme creativity
-the ability to think through complex issues on our own
-the ability to see issues from many perspectives (we can have intense dialogs in our own minds)
-the ability to think quickly
-strength. (It takes a lot of strength to live in two worlds at once.)
-insightful and empathetic
-loving (Even when no one's around, we still have people to love in our minds.)

-extreme difficulty concentrating
-sluggish. It's hard to be productive when you just want to daydream
-clumsy and awkward
-difficulty cultivating or maintaining relationships (This may not apply to everyone, but if your MD starts to progress, you may prefer daydreaming to real interactions)
-difficulty completing tasks due to desire to constantly stop and daydreaming
-difficulty reaching certain milestones because of constant desire to stop and daydream.

So yeah, I found that accurate and pretty interesting. Anyway, I think it's good that you see MD as a positive thing; I think it really can be a gift. :D

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