This is Kind of Sad and Frustrating

I just discovered a Music Festival called Delfest that I really want to go to as I am a fan of some of the groups playing and just discovered a lot more awesome bluegrass and folk groups that I was just jamming and chilling too. Like I really want to go to this.

Did not take to long for me that I don't really have any friends, let alone friends that would even be interested in such a unpopular music scene. 

For about the past two hours I was in a really deep daydream pretending to have friends, going to this music festival, and having a blast for the two days it was going on for. 

I got to "live" it ignorantly in my own little world knowing that if I did happen to round up some friends to go to this event, It would not of gone the way I had imagined it and would of had a terrible time. Things never go as imagined even if opportunity does present itself. Things are just always better in my own personal world. I'm sure if I was there I'd just be daydreaming how things should be going instead of actually "being" there.   

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Comment by Wakethenight on March 31, 2013 at 7:42am

I suggest going by yourself. I remember the first time I went some place by myself I was really scared and thought I would be socially awkward. However, without the security of friends as a comfort blanket, I was forced to be more outgoing. I had a blast. Now, I don't let anything stop me from doing something.

You should really do it. Just think, none of the people you encounter are going to know you, its like a fresh start to be totally who you are.  Also, people are more likely to ask you to join  in their fun if they see you are by yourself. No one wants to see someone by themselves.

Maybe as a test run you can go see a movie at a theater by yourself. You won't have to talk to anyone, and it will just get you used to the idea of going places by yourself.

Comment by Sky with Diamonds on March 28, 2013 at 1:48pm

I can relate to evrything you said in this blog post. The one thing im absolutley sure of is that life does not give you second chances. And its too short to let fear hold you back. Trust me i know how this goes. And ive wasted my entire youth with regret. Plane and simple, you have to do what makes you happy.

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