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This is the first post I made on r/maladaptivedaydreaming, which is also a great and more lively community to share your experiences: "This is just one of my more intense MD episodes, I'm gonna try and keep it short because it lasted 10+ hours.

The setting took place in some sort of post apocalyptic desert setting (probably Phoenix since I live here) and I (for simplicity sake we will call it "the camera") was watching a group of 4-6 people traveling through a field of saguaro cacti. I don't remember what they were doing, or why they were traveling but that was not important. What did hold importance was a (I'm assuming) a man who was following the group at a constant ~50 yards. He was decked out in mad max gear wearing a bandanna and steam punk goggles. He weld a golden sniper that had multi colored, geometric patterns that seemed to dance in a kaleidoscope form (kinda like what you see when you take psychedelic drugs). The most interesting part about him though is that no one could see him.

He had seemed to be a part of the group, and they could only see him during battle when he would pick off attackers who threatened them. Every time he fired, a green wave of billions of particles would shoot up from the barrel and throughout the rest of his body, revealing him only for a second to those around him. During the entirety of the episode only 1-2 people actually saw him, but were quick to disregard it.

His name was 10k (just like that cheesy zombie show "Z Nation"). Once he had reached his 10,000 kill his entire being started to fold inwards, starting from the gun. The sniper and the man was compressed into a multi colored gold coin the size of a quarter and fell where he last stood.

Time passed (it must have been 100+ years) and a woman was stumbling through the desert. She had seemed hurt and malnourished. The lady had come across a cave where 2 men slowly crept out, with intent to do harm. They had pushed her to the floor, and with with the last bit of strength she grabbed a handful of sand to throw into the assailants face. Within the grains of sand there was the golden coin. Unaware of what she was holding she gripped the handful of sand and there was an explosion of light so bright that it had damaged her vision for many hours. After failed attempt to restore her vision she fell to sleep. When she had woken up it was night time. Standing over her was the figure of the sniper. He stood as billions of green particles taking the form of his original body. His luminescence had lit up, what seemed like, the entire desert, and reveled the shadows of the two men burnt into the side of a large rock that they had stood in front of.

They stared at each other, none spoke a word. They did so for about thirty minutes, and both nodded in agreement at the same time. The sniper had took her hand and the green particles started to slide up her arms and into the palms of her hands. The particles started to solidify into 2 swords that bore the same golden, dancing, multicolored kaleidoscope pattern. It was not said but I knew that she had become 10k and slowly walked through the desert, no longer malnourished or in pain. She had walked through many populated cities, unseen by anyone. Until she hard of a man who sought adventure, and had decided to follow him. Once the decision was made the camera stared to pan up a large building, revealing thousands of people that had taken the form of green particles.

This is when it started getting really weird for me. At the front of the army stood the sniper. He had taken off his goggles and bandana to reveal his face. Which was actually my face. The camera started to zoom in, and the closer the camera got to the sniper (or, I guess, me) the more my anxiety started to act up. Eventually the camera had gotten so close to the face that I was on the floor trying to grasp for breath. My heart was pounding and I was violently shaking/convulsions. The effects of the panic attack at lasted 30 minutes after the day dream. This was the "worst" episode I have had in all my 15 years of MD. And have not had any other experiences like this since. It is also not the most elaborate stories and settings that I have created, but I have never had an MD episode that had such strange physical effects on me.

If any of you guys have time, y'all should post your most intense MD episodes. I bet they're just as weird (if not weirder). We should combine them to make a book or something!"

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Comment by Dreamer on December 29, 2017 at 7:32am

Wow. This is such an interesting storyline! I can see it as a short story! 

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