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Once upon a time there was a girl who believed in love. She did all the right things, took the proper precautions and eventually fell in love. This boy ended up breaking her heart so she grew wiser and that much smarter. However, she couldn't manage to completely pull herself from the memory of that boy until she found someone else. He was handsomely stunning, guile, simple yet complex. A beautiful amalgamation of contradicting qualities that only seemed to set him more on fire in her eyes. He made her feel things she thought once dead, revel in that soft glow, so light-hearted and beautiful she felt again. Until one day he too leaves her and she wakes up to realize he was nothing more than a figment of her wild imagination. 

So she takes the plunge again, out in the world trying to find a purpose to a life she knows can be filled with so much wonder and glory. She searches and searches and in this search she finds a small piece of herself. So small, but yet so significant. As she tries to grasp on to this tiny little piece of herself that is so perfect and so precious, a thought of him comes to her mind. She tries to push it out, but it's too tempting, too seductive. He enters her life again sneaking through the back door of her mind like a snake slithering to its prey. Yet she is helpless and acquiescently  remains slave to his eyes, the soft curve of his lips, the audacious blue eyes and melodious voice. For although she is superwoman he is her kryptonite.

So she drowns in this river of ecstasy knowing full well when she reaches the surface again her lungs will burn, her eyes would be sore and every muscle in her being would ache. But she chased him anyway, as far as her mind went he went with her, the both of them fools. Until one day she realizes she has been the only fool, she is not mad or angry, but she is happy.  She is happy that she finally awoke from the dream. She is happy because the inception is over and although her lungs burn, her eyes are sore and every muscle in her being aches, she is happy..finally happy.

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