well, everyone does day dream, but it totally depends upon us, how much we should? Mostly it starts when we expect something, which is not possible in our day to day life and then we get into a virtual world of our mind- called twilight zone, where nothing is impossible. We enjoy that virtual reality and after a time period it starts to overwhelm our actual world. And hence somewhere we become unhappy, tired or frustrated after day dreaming, because our little alert conscious mind sends signal-" this is not you........ this not real....."

   Anyone can overcome this problem; but it take some time, self control and love for self i.e accept who you are, as it is. Don't try to be your imagination. whenever you think, you are day dreaming and its amazing, I am out off control, just hold your breath for a second, then exhale slowly. Again inhale and exhale, like this focus on your breath, it will bring you in conscious state of your mind.

  Get involve in doing actual work (not work of your fantasy). e.g  suppose I am an engineering student and Security is my major, so whenever I have to learn some new concept e.g  let consider verification of user- so I will use my imagination power to imagine how I will apply all concept for problem statement to solve problem and it works. While imagining this - you will automatically get familiar with other problems which may occur and  instead of wasting your time in day dreaming about something which is highly impossible, you can redirect those power for some useful work to be done. E.g if you are Architect, you can imagine 3D view of some building and forces balancing load and structure; also you can get some new idea. Like this you can get involve in your real world and work. And this will make you happy!

  So, once you started to get involve into your work, automatically your contact with others will improve. Because you are loving your reality, your work. Your work makes you happy and that's why now you are loving yourself, though you are not noticing. Suddenly responsibilities become fun , pressure melts away, family  and friends giving you attention because you are understanding your priorities and you are happy-conscious person.

  One more thing- day dreamers can be very successful personalities- if you take it in positive way! Otherwise you will be one more  lost person ! Accept yourself and love yourself- in front of mirror propose to yourself every day though you are daydreamer or not. Every morning you awake ask yourself- what is today's mission. Every night you go to bed- repeat in your mind- "I am calm and relax !" you will fall asleep without day dreaming.

  Make one thing clear to your mind- your subconscious become what you fed while conscious- so feed your mind with reality, priority, work to do, visit orphanage, hospitals make people happy surrounding to you, know their pain and thank god, he didn't gave you anything like this. You are 100% physically fit person- give your 100% back to this world by doing something creative, responsible and sensible work . Don't waste your days- life is too short to know small part of anything!

  I am also a day dreamer - but in my own creative way! Stop thinking in virtual zone and start living in reality !

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Comment by samurai on October 31, 2012 at 10:57am

wrong defination of success, makes us unhappy. Acheiving what you want, is in fact a success. What we do is : we judge ourself from outsiders view, not by what we want. e.g making lots of money may be a success for us, but for that person success means having enough time to take day off with his family. Person to person defination changes, what we can do best is, focus on ourself first.

Comment by samurai on October 30, 2012 at 10:09am

EMF : It's really very difficult to understand what you are talking about, but if I am not wrong ; you want to be a little successful in your life, but day dreaming about past achievements isn't helping you. Well, its really difficult to follow my advice, but not impossible. Try to take baby steps. e.g think about your work and steps you will take to achieve it for a minute while you are dd. Increase the time slot each day by a minute. It need stamina and hence above breathing exercise to focus on present, a short meditation. and yahh, I am planning something big for me.


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