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So like two people in my hello post asked me to talk about my MD, as in if I like it and also my story with it. So story first, goods or evil later. 

I have always daydreamed but by the time I hit around 6 years old my life kind of went downhill. This can appear slightly dramatic nut trust me I'm getting there. This was when I started schooling and basically from the moment I stepped in school I have been bullied, ridiculed and alienated in every possible manor or form. I have also been demeaned and basically been severely mentally abused and in my younger years physically abused by my parents. I remember days where I wouldn't even go outside for recess but just stay inside colour and daydreaming with imaginary friends. As I got older it never stopped and as the bullying continued to escalate, despite me so far having been in 5 different schools, my self esteem plummeted and so far I have been diagnosed with  Severe Social and General Anxiety , Severe Depression and some undiagnosed eating disorder. These caused me to go into severe self harm as well as retreat more into my daydreams. These and my daydreaming have caused me to miss out on a half a year of school and the idea of having to confront the very people who have followed me my entire life. 

So from this my only escape has been MD and other outlets such as the arts and sciences. Of course there is more to my life but this is just a basic rundown

As for MD I love that imagination allows me to leave reality and just be completely myself but in other scenes it has for over 10 years affected my life and studies making me retreat more and more into it. So I guess I'm on the fence.

Sorry if I bored you or made a bunch of spelling mistakes.

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Comment by Chandra D Lewis on December 27, 2012 at 7:13pm
Welcome, Nicoletta. I'm glad you found this site. There is so much support here, hopefully you can find something to help. Never give up
Comment by Rachel on December 25, 2012 at 2:02pm

Thanks for sharing! And again, welcome to Wild Minds Network.

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