Should I tell them?!?! what do you think?

This is crazy.... ive had tons and tons of daydreams ABOUT telling people about my MD, all of them different where i either get rejected, misunderstood, and got asked a ton of questions and felt like a freak, so i dont know why i have this strong urge to spill my deepest secret.  ANYWAYS


I think im going to tell my friend about my MD


*GASPS* i always thought about it but now i have a good oppurtunity and a reason to bring it up!


Just to let you know my heart is racing right now and fingers are shaking at the thought of somebody finding out. (im such a drama queen haha). So, heres the story: today in health we were assigned to a certain mental disorder in our groups. Well me and my friend Zack and Claire were assigned anxiety. And we were just talking and Zack brought up he had a form of anxiety but he said it was embarrassing to say. We convinced him to tell us and he seemed so relieved afterwards! He just thought we would laugh but no it felt good to know im not the only one with a sort of "disorder".

Well he tells me alot of stuff about his life so i thought right there what if i told him about my MD? I just dont have ANY CLUE WHAT TO SAY! i want no i NEED somebody to know this has to come off my chest just to ONE person!

So this is all i got so far: (im sending him a private message on facebook)

hey, so you know how you told me about your anxiety issues... well i kind of have a mental disorder of my own ive never told anyone before. youre gonna think im totally insane..

yes i realize it sounds really stupid and i typed it up in like 5 seconds i just dont know what else to say...

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Comment by Destiny Lund on September 13, 2011 at 10:38pm
Comment by Skylar Grey on September 13, 2011 at 2:38pm

thanks maybe i will send him a link! I feel.. much more light with this off my chest. I feel more connected with the real world now that ive admitted to someone else that i do have this. He took it so well im so happy :). Exscuse me if im boasting, really im not trying to brag.

To sum it up he said he was happy I told him about this and that he daydreams too but he is in no way connecting simple daydreams to Maladaptive daydreams. He didnt pry but he seemed to have researched enough to know enough about it. Phew, thanks everyone for the advice, much appreciated

Comment by Destiny Lund on September 12, 2011 at 8:44pm
Comment by Skylar Grey on September 12, 2011 at 8:23pm

i took some time to think and i feel that it would be very beneficial to tell somebody.. he would be the most understanding person i could think of... 

this is what im saying:

hey, so you know how you told me about your anxiety issues... well i kind of have a mental disorder thing of my own ive never told anyone... its pretty embarrassing :/. Its called " Maladaptive Daydreaming " you can ya know google it or whatever. Remember like you said every case is different :/


im hitting send now *fingers crosses!*

Comment by Destiny Lund on September 12, 2011 at 4:53pm
That's the best way to say it though, calm & nonchalant, not making it such a big deal.    It really is a big deal in a certain aspect though.  It's a big deal in a good way though because you're taking some of the burden off your chest for someone else to see, that's a great step.  This is awesome of you, don't think any different.      :-)
Comment by Laila on September 12, 2011 at 4:23pm
Firstly, calm down. Secondly, go for it! :3 He'll probably respect you the same way that you respect him about his anxiety. We all have something. Who knows, he might even relate, as anxiety certainly drives me to daydream about scenarios before they happen. I've been coming out more to my friends lately, and they find MD very interesting, even to the point of "What do you daydream about?" Maybe they don't completely understand it, but at least they're not rude about it. Then they'll open up to me more about themselves (anxiety and so on), and it's like...woah, we suddenly know each other way better than one hour ago. Awesomeness! xD

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