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I just wanna share this experience i had constantly with everyone in this site.... I often had a thought of stopping to do MDs in order to concentrate on the things i suppose to do for my future. But most of the time I had a voice inside my head telling me that I should do MD because it has a mysterious uncanny ability to give me the ability to become a better person, become smarter, become more creative.....


and after i did it nothing happens exept that i become more lost in those Daydreams that i had but i always keep repeating to do MD because of that reason.... after several times of these repetitive actions...


I decided to stop doing it but i get seducted to do more MDs because of that reason again..... I think that somehow the universe is telling me to trust this voice and continue to MD...... but on second thought maybe I was wrong... and all this time that voice and the thinking that I've done is another series of mind events that is trying to preserve this MD  like an OCD.... as if... it has a mind of it's own.....


Does anybody here had the same experience as i did?

if so.... what did you guys do? Follow the voice inside your head or Neglact it?

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Comment by Karen Stapp on February 26, 2011 at 10:56am

I understand what you are saying completely.  There is this tremendous feeling of empowerment when a powerful spell of MDing runs over you.  I understand the wonderful feeling of it and how it seems impossible that this could possibly be bad for you.  For me, those voices lie to me.  It feels wonderful but it takes from me.  They feel good for the moment but there is no good fruit that comes from that type of daydreaming.  For me, I know the difference between my good or benign daydreams and my bad ones.  If all my friends and lovers are in that world, than it's my maladaptive world.  If I have difficulty walking away from it, it's the maladaptive world.

If you can put your daydreams down without an issue, then it's a good daydream, if it inspires you to act on someone, create or come up with ideas- it's a good daydream.

I understand the voices though.  My voices tell me that's it's okay to indulge in a "little" MD, five minutes here and five minutes there, that I 'have control of it now".  For me, I try my best to ignore those voices because they lie to me.

Again, I know MDing is different for everybody so I don't know if this is true for everyone.  

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