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Psychiatrist & Therapist's Results Part 2 (Medicine is the only way?)

If your not familiar with my story you are more than welcomed to read my first blog post. This one follows.

After consulting with the counselor she was able to pair me up with a Therapist around my area. I was very excited as well as anxious. For so long I have been trying to stop daydreaming and its taking over my life. The counselor assured me that I could stop daydreaming and that the Therapist would help me. She told me to give the Therapist at least 3 months. Too bad she only lasted 2.

As soon as I got there, we began talking. I explained to her everything. My daydreams, my characters, my experiences. I asked her if I had a Dissociative Depersonalization disorder and she did not respond. She never diagnosed me with anything.

By the 5th session, she still had not given me therapy. Only to replace the time I daydreamed with something else. I asked her if she had any experience. She told me she had worked with people in all areas, ranging from depression and anxiety to personality disorders and schizoprenia. Yet, she could not give me therapy.

The 5th session was also our last session in which she told me that she could not help me and that the only way that I could stop daydreaming was through....tan tan tooom MEDICINE. I payed the $60 and I walked away.

Now I come here to this site for some hope. My psychiatrist tells me I don't need medicine, only therapy. My therapist tells me I don't need therapy only medicine.

I think the fact that Maladaptive Daydreaming Disoder is not in the DSMV could have thrown her off. She also told me that I did not show any symptoms of Dissociation which just proves that Maladaptive Daydreaming is not a Dissociative disorder. This is its own beast.


If any of you have any experience with Medicine please comment! I am going to go see the Psychiatrist again next week and I'm afraid he will prescribe Risperdal, which is an anti-psychotic. Although I have heard good things about it through MDDers in google, I would like a more direct source of information. I heard fluvoxamine is not as efficient as Risperdal because it only makes you sleepy and tired. Risperdal makes you gain weight apparently and makes you lactate which is kinda scary. If anybody is taking any kind of medicine or has please comment! I really need some help right now. I'm desperate and I want to stop daydreaminnnnnnggggggggg. Thanks again and God bless this site.


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Comment by Annie on December 4, 2012 at 10:38am

A couple of months ago, I went to a phychiatrist and therapist for my MD. I had therapy but found it useless as I did not want to pay someone to tell me to "simply try to stop DD" or "Go out more, or do something productive" like duhh....thats what I wanted to do but its not that easy!


Anyways, the first time I was put on Prozac 10mg(similar to fluvoxamine) which then was increased to Prozac 40mg. I was diagnosed with Anxiety because the doctor said my DD where caused by anxiety. So, I tried the drug, didnt really help with my DD just made me all moody and impulsive. Stopped it cold turkey. Then a month later bought risperdal online because saw a few posts about how this drug helped stop MD completeley.


Tried Risperdal 4mg(antiphycotic) for only a week. Instintaly stopped DD the moment I took it but couldnt handle the side effects. I was practically sleeping 18 hrs a day and got nasal conjestion. Couldnt breathe couldnt think or DD because I was so DAMN TIRED!!! No wonder schizophrenics never take their medication, I woudlnt blame them!

So, yeah went to a different doctor, gave me EFFEXOR XR, didnt stop the DD but helped me control it better. I find my anxiety has gone down and I feel less stressed out therefore less need to DD to release the stress or make me feel better. I was put on it at intitial dose 37.5mg then up to 150mg. I still have trouble concentrating at time as I tend to DD so my doctor thinks I should try Adderall too but its to soon to tell. He wants me on effexor for at least 2 months.


I heard on another post some chick say she tried Adderall and helped her in her job and school tremendously! Her DD stopped at first but then came back but she could better control them. She could finish her work then still have time to DD. Imagine that! Thats pretty aewsome if you ask me! I dont want to stop DD completley either life would be to boring and stressful. I mean really can you actually live without DD? Wouldnt it be weird or very senetary, not entertainment at ALL!


So, thats it I guess, thats all I have tried so far, email me or post if you have any questions =)

Comment by Eretaia on December 1, 2012 at 3:45am

How in the world can medicine work when MD wasn't even studied properly? Just what the fuck. Unless suppose  that your MD is a result of depression or some other recognizable disorder, I wouldn't even bother considering the option.

I've had a wonderful experience with my neuropsychiatrist who has a license for psychotherapy, but unfortunately, I could only afford 5 sessions because these services were quite expensive given that I had chosen an expert. Anyways, according to my doc, MD is nothing so extraordinary - it's a symptom fueled by dissatisfaction which is caused by something else. It's an ability to immerse into your won mental processes which grew into psychological addiction. She said she would NEVER give me medications for MD and that it's a syndrome which has to be dealt with through psychotherapy. It's be like treating alcoholism with medication.

Comment by greyartist on November 30, 2012 at 3:38pm

I can understand what you're going through. I gave up on a councilor/therapist after 6 visits. She was just trying to figure out what label from the DSMV book to give me. Never tried to help me, just concerned about how to file the ins. Then the Psychiatrist, 10-15 min at most, doesn't want to hear about your problem, just try meds.

I tried 3 antipsychotics : Lamotrigine-Seroquel-Abilify. along with something for anxiety: Clonazepam- Xanax. and something to help me sleep: Trazodone.

Now the Abilify did help reduce the daydreaming so I could focus better at work but the longer I took it the worse I felt. I felt numb, lifeless  I got to where I didn't want to live any more, I didn't want to die, just not live if it was like that. So I got off the meds. I still take the Xanax sometimes but mainly just try to cope with the DDs the best I can. I do think a therapist would be best if I could find one. 


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