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Plushies and shadows and helpers, oh my!

I am SO happy to have finally found a place where I can talk about my daydreams, and people get it! YAY! =D

First up: Plushies. One of my more recent daydreams involves me finding an abandoned  filly Pinkie Pie in a cardboard box, and was sparked by a fanfiction story called "My Little Dashie". About a week ago, maybe two, I was at Walmart when I saw a Pinkie Pie plushie. She is the perfect size to be a "real" filly Pinkie. So I bought her, and have since taken to carting her around the house. At all times. I treat her as if she's a real filly, even kissing her head and telling her to be a good pony while I'm gone. Of course I am well aware that she is nothing more than an elaborate cloth bag filled with fluff. But since I'd been daydreaming about taking a real filly Pinkie home, I'm pretty convinced that I am now compulsively acting out my daydream.

Has anyone else done this?

Next up: Shadows. Jungian shadows, to be exact. (See this site for an overview of what I'm talking about: http://www.shadowwork.com/model.html) My shadow is the Warrior. I wanted to know more about what that meant, so I listened to an hour-long audio thing that described what the different archetypes meant in a little more detail. And I discovered something interesting: Warrior "energy" is all about protecting and expanding your "territory" or individual "me-ness". A person may develop a Warrior shadow when they are told and internalize the message that they don't exist, or only exist to be everyone else's footrest, handkerchief, and doormat. They often don't feel like they have a place where they can be themselves, or if they do, they must constantly protect that territory from the onslaught of others.

Which made me wonder: Is this a common shadow type for excessive daydreamers, like us? I know my daydreams likely sprang from me needing a place where I could be myself, and where no one would be able to just stomp on in and go all Godzilla on the place. Your thoughts?

And lastly: I read somewhere, maybe on this website, that some MDers actually use their characters to help them with the everyday stuff that eludes so many of us. Has anyone else used this strategy? Does it work? How would one go about it? The more details, the merrier. :)

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Comment by taffle on December 28, 2012 at 10:21am
I used to kiss and play with my stuffed animals, but not anymore. But in my daydreams, I sometimes imagine giving love and care to animals.

I also view my daydream fantasy world as a place where I can truly express myself through my characters. Sometimes I incorporate elements from tv shows and fiction that I read from real life.

I don't use my characters to help me with real life because we are so vastly different that there is no way I can be my characters. My characters are able to thrive in my fantasy world because the rules and environment there are so different.

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