Nothing wrong with the folks in my head..

Everytime i read someone with MD, the first thing they say or write is that they've been DD for as long as they remember. In fact i think that is the same with me. I can't remeber or maybe i'm so much into DD that i think that i've been all my life doing it. Sometimes i get angry with myself, with the fact that i can't pass one day without DD (Is really strange on how we write the word "daydreaming", if i say to someone who is not in the same situation as me:  "DD" i dont think they'll understand, maybe they'll think DD as Dirty Donkey, Deep Down :P)..

There's nothing wrong with the folks in my head.. i invented them..i invited them and they are here to stay..for as long as i let long as i give birth to others... i just want to live what i daydream..i just want to live my real life..

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Comment by yaelHaas on May 18, 2012 at 5:23am

Hello Emilia,

I agree with you at some points and i think its true about lonliness. I' m not at all saying that i don't want to quit i'am just saying that the problem its not the folks in my head, its me.. and i just want to live my real life..

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