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Newfound information, learning about myself is eye opening.


Its emily here. First off, let me say how glad I am to have found this site. Im 21, and ive daydreamed since i was 5. Up until now, when i ran across this site and found out that this existed, i always thought of myself as schizophrenic. I create people in my mind, and then i play out stories with them for countless hours a day, and the same people have been in my head for years. I thought i was the only person who did this, and its a relief to know that other people go through the same thing, and arent, by any ridiculous definition "crazy."

Its very enlightening to read other peoples stories, and see just how similar their stories and daily lives are to mine. Its extremely time consuming to think that hard all day, and it interferes with my life, as it does others on this site. Learning to cope and move forward is a big issue for me, and im not sure if i ever want to give it up. im very attached to my story, and im very insecure about daydreaming. Maybe one day, when i feel more comfortable, ill share my story on this site. For now, im just researching and learning more about myself, with this newfound information. 

So thanks to all, for creating a place i finally feel accepted, and can open up. 

More later!!


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Comment by Rachel on December 30, 2012 at 5:46pm

Welcome to the site! I hope you, like I did, find that even some of the things you don't want to say because you're embarassed, other people have gone through. For me, MD was the worst on its first year when I was in 6th grade. I couldn't pay attention to anything for 15 seconds. In class I was mentally absent pretty much every day because I couldn't stop daydreaming enough to learn anything. Also, if a friend wanted to communicate, I could stay into a conversation for about a minute before mentally drifting off to my own world. I couldn't do much at all, actually. I couldn't pay attention in class, couldn't communicate to friends, couldn't listen to a favorite song because music is a major trigger for me and I'll always daydream so deeply I couldn't even hear the music. I also would miss full weekends to daydreaming. I'm sure you can relate to some of that. Anyway, I hope I wasn't too boring and lame. Hope you like this site.

Comment by LeAnn Marcum on December 30, 2012 at 3:38pm

I really wish that I would have had the sense to look up what was going on with me when it was more severe. I think part of the issue was I was 13 and craved adventure, so I made up this story and people and an ideal self of me that I latched onto for about a year and a half. I didn't think that it was a disorder and that it would affect my life so negatively.

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