I just found out about this syndrome today, and I feel like something huge was lifted of my shoulders. There is a reason for my obsessive daydreaming!  I was so relieved, I just wanted to laugh out loud. Not only is there a reason, but there are others like me, which was, if at all possible, even more of a relief.


I haven't ever really kept a blog, so if things are getting a bit strange, forgive me. I have to ask you others though, are your fantasies often violent? Like abusive surroundings or wars to be fought and such stuff? I can count on one hand, I think, the daydreams I have had that have bot been violent, and considering the frequency and volume of my daydreams, that should say something. 


I think I'll keep this short for now. This is a bit like an introduction for me, and we'll see how often I add new things here. I doubt it'll be any sort of regular, since I rarely keep at these things more than once or twice, but we'll see.


And considering that the paragraph above doesn't even make sence to me, I'm going to sing this of and move on. 





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Comment by Nomad on April 17, 2011 at 1:51pm
Welcome, StragesRex. Violence has been a regular theme in my fantasies, as are heroism, vengeance, and martyrdom.

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