I’m soon to be 36 years old and from as far back as early adolescence I have what I now seem to understand is MD. It does not negatively impact my life but I do have periods where I am compelled to find time to focus on my daydream. As a full time working mum of 2 it’s not always easy but lately I am finding that I am carving out time. If I have down time at work I put on music and succumb to my dreams. Driving is also precious time for me. Music is definitely a trigger. I use music as a soundtrack to the drama series going on in my head. Although the scenarios have changed throughout the years the theme has remained the same. Movie characters and shows I am watching inspire my characters and allow me to expand my plots. This is the first time I have said this out load (at least written it down). I enjoy it and it doesn’t feel like a negative thing to me. I can control it and it has disappeared throughout certain periods of my life. I can’t remember being focused on this when I was pregnant for example. But from the articles I have read it seems to be viewed as a negative. Does anyone else feel like I do or have a similar experience? K.

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Comment by Yara on May 3, 2021 at 7:47am

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