I participate in this site because I do have "issues" with daydreaming and fantasizing. I have no interest in hijacking the site, a thread, or a chat conversation. A significant portion of this sites participants  self report experiences and personal realities that would cause myself and other multiples to say, "Yep, you are one of us!".

With that in mind I will be posting a few articles that I have written over the years as well as supplying a bunch of links to a wealth of information already available on the web. The online Daydreaming community is currently where the Multiple community was a good 10 years ago. 

There are lots of similarities between daydreaming/fantasizing and multiplicity as you can well imagine. Plenty (but not all) multiples have rich internal worlds. But not all multiples would qualify for this site. And I certainly do not mean to imply that all daydreamers are multiple/plural by any means.

You will have noticed by now that I am avoiding the word Disorder in what I write. That is because I make no apology for NOT following the main stream medical model. Although I will certainly supply links to the largest and most accepted sites of medical professionals that do consider it a disorder. Just as daydreaming or fantasizing is not a problem for all that experience it, I do not feel that being a multiple, in and of its self, is a problem, a disorder, or a mental illness.  


Also, while the medical community in the USofA now calls it Disociative Identity Disorder, The rest of the world still calls it Multiple Personalities Disorder. 

Articles, links, (and more activist ranting on my part), to follow:

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Comment by Shadow Cat Sam on July 2, 2012 at 2:45am




"Other World -Also known as inner worlds and alternate realities. The subjective space experienced by members of a system. People who are not up front often spend their time in a subjective world...


Other worlds are not unique to multiples; medians and singlets can have them as well "http://www.astraeasweb.net/plural/glossary.html#ow

Comment by Shadow Cat Sam on June 30, 2012 at 11:23pm

Three links, especially chosen for daydreamers, to get you started.

The first two deal specifically with daydreaming/internal worlds. ( If your internal fictional characters sometimes have their own opinions you are not the only one.) The second debunks common myths and misconceptions perpetrated by both the media and the shrinks (Media: Serial killer alters! Shrinks: It's delusional and you are not a multiple.) 




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