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Medication´s working with MDD but I can´t stand reality without them.

I started a therapy, two months ago, both with a psychiatrist and a psychologist (here, in Argentina, are two separate and distinct professions). Psychiatrist gave me medication, specifically olanzapine, that is used for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. After two months of medications and therapy my MDD had almost disappeared but I started suffering from extreme depression, anxiety and paranoia (I must say that we are suffering from a terrible insecurity and criminality here in my country and paranoia, in part, is due to this real situation). Besides, medication makes me feel sleepy all day.

I feel like I´m missing my daydreams, I can´t stand myself without them, but I cannot focus in my DD world anymore. My psychiatrist says that therapy is working, like this state is a stage of it, she said something like "You went on vacations for a long time and then returned and found the house revolted". But reality is unbearable wihout my DDs, feel like real worlds is piercing and hurting me.

Does someone experienced or is experiencing something similar?

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Comment by Kali_Maa on August 26, 2016 at 3:09pm

Thank you very much, Agent53, for your words, they gave me hope. I think I´m going through a crisis and I have to get over it, it´s a question of time and, as you said, trusting my therapist and keep firm in my therapy. I wish you the best, too, thank you.

Comment by Agent53 on August 26, 2016 at 5:17am

I took medication for one week,that was long ago.I couldnt daydream when i as on medication.But after one week when i left medication my MDD has reduced and till today i can stop myself daydreaming with little effort.I still have MDD but its easier to control and interferes only when i have to focus. I think you need to trust your psychiatrist,i am sure it must be hard for you,but i think you must understand that psychiatrist must have seen this happening to his/her patients.I guess you need to stick to therapy and medication. Actually you are really brave.You went to psychiatrist,must here would hesitate and also  you have started medication and therapy.I am sure you would do fine as the time progress. Best of luck dear.

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