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 ..........there is a time when it is a curse. no matter when or how it is used, you steal time from reality and loved ones. 

        I started  dd   as  a  young kid. I was influenced by movies and upbringing.  I would mimic anything or anyone in  my mind.  It was fun. I thought I was  developing my imagination.

        as a teen, while being grounded, I played a  favorite record over and over again  while slipping into  dd   to be free.

the record was "so tired" by band leader Russ Morgan. It should be the theme song for wild minds network. it has  a

line that reads "so tied of dreaming daydreams"


       there are times when I get "into"  dd   so deep I'll laugh out loud or find myself making facial expressions. being

"into"  dd is the magical part.  my  paintings  reflect  my nostalgic   thoughts.  { www.art-3000.com]  I do not need

drugs to see things.,I let my mind  to trip out.

       MDD came in handy when growing up in a small apartment with family o 18th street and Halsted in Chicago.

it was m y escape mechanism then ... and still is  today.

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Comment by Roel on August 3, 2015 at 1:35am

welcome to wildminds :)

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