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I have always been stuck in my head, imagining new scenes, dreaming about a different scenario when things go wrong. I'm also a writer and an amateur painter, all thanks to MDD. But, now that that I have found such a precious place where people of my own species, so to speak, are many, I would be really happy to talk to you in social media and feel as though I'm not alone. So, if anyone feels like talking or telling me about their daydreaming adventures and vice versa. I will be very happy to talk to them. Thank you for creating this group. :3

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Comment by Allen Mokadem on July 1, 2017 at 8:08pm
Oh Lisa, I found your sharing of information was an amazing and friendly thing. Don't be sorry. And yes, I would be very thrilled to be your friend. My academic level was affected in terms of my speaking skill because I stressed a lot when I performed presentations and did some projects, but my writing skill was not a problem. At the end, I managed it safely and got my MA. If you feel like talking more to me, we may exchange contacts (email, Facebook, skype...) I think it's a good thing to talk out our problems and feel like there are people who understand our issues. :D
Comment by Lisa Tomlin on June 30, 2017 at 9:41am

Sorry if I told you to much. Also you mentioned in another post that your academic was affected by the MDD. I was just sharing with you that that mine really was not since I had a M.A degree in Teaching. So I guess your academic was not affected like you previous thought. Sorry if you thought I was bragging or sharing to much. I thought you wanted a friend.

Comment by Allen Mokadem on June 29, 2017 at 5:46am
I do see what you mean Lisa, perfectly. I can see that it's not a problem to do the casual talk for you, but an intimate one might be hard. Thank you for sharing this much infos about you. I feel like I already know you. Haha XD. Speaking of which, I ALSO have an M.A degree and it's in English teaching. So I'm a to-be teacher. I haven't taught yet, but I'm a bit worried about managing it easily when I do start. I will probably start applying for teaching jobs by the end of summer. I'm only 23 years old though. One more thing, don't care a bit about what your neighbors say. People can be really judgmental. So don't let it affect you. You are really strong though since you have overcome the obstacles and achieved a good academic level *-*. So you should be proud. *-*
Comment by Lisa Tomlin on June 29, 2017 at 5:07am

Allen, Hey. I do have some social problems. OK Let me put it this way. I have NO friends at all. My friends are all online. It is lonely but to be honest at the moment I do not want to be around my neighbors so I am not missing much.  They gossip about me and make fun because I do my laundry. No joke. I live in an apartment building and we all share the same laundry room. The behavior gets old and it hurts. So I'd rather stay away  from as much as possible.

I can socialize pretty good when out. I can speak to others with almost no problem at all. I am a substitute teacher so I have to be able to speak to a lot of new people. My issue is maintaining it beyond that. Do you know what I mean? I can make contact but cannot seem to go beyond that and make it along term friendship. I think I have given up on it. I've been hurt one to many times by people I've reached out to and so therefore I don't try now. I reached out to someone here n the building and she flat out told me, "I don't want any friends"

You see I also come from an abuse situation. My family was very dysfunctional so I think my MDD came about due to that situation. It was due to survival .   So mine might be a bit different. Bottom line is I still keep it up and at times I'd rather do it than my real life. It helps with the loneliness. My MDD serves a purpose so to speak. I hope  you don't think I'm crazy now. 

Guess I am saying that like you , I am also introverted. I do have ADHD and used to take Ritalin.  So yes my academic was effected but I was able to over come it because I have a M.A degree.  I guess I was trying to be positive in the other message because my MDD helps me not be so lonely. 

Comment by Allen Mokadem on June 28, 2017 at 2:23pm
Yes Lisa. We are indeed different and unique. Imagination is extremely important and helpful. But, we can't escape the bad aspect either. I can be very distracted most of the time, so I miss a lot of details and things to know about while people are observant. I'm also very introverted and can have difficulties expressing myself as I wish, for people can't relate to how I perceive things and my ideals. Generally, they are social and academic problems. Do you have these as well Lisa? And I'm pleased to meet you as well *-*
Comment by Lisa Tomlin on June 28, 2017 at 4:54am

I  know what you mean. I am also happy to have found this group. I like how you call MD "my own species" .  That's so true. I do feel different but you know in  a way I am ok with that.   It means we have a big imagination and we are creative. I can only imagine how boring it would be not to have it. Nice to meat you.

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