Yesterday I was talking to my friend about MD for the first time, and he said that he had the EXACT same condition! He showed me all his journals and maps, and he actually constructed his own language awhile back and he can speak it fluently! I was amazed that I knew someone not online that went through the same I did!

Another case was a couple years back on a backpacking trip, my friend told me his entire DD plotline, (which was incredibly intense and awesome, basically Star Trek but on steroids) He went into the very minutia of every detail and even said that I was one of his main characters, albeit I die heroically. He was so detailed that he figured out how life could be sustained using silicon as a base instead of carbon. I was too scared to share my story though, and I regret it.

That poses the current question, how common is Maladaptive Daydreaming? Do any of you guys know any other people from everyday life that has the same condition as you?

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