I'm new to Wild Minds so I am so overwhelmed by how many other people deal with this!

Anyway, I am a senior in high school so I am going to be in college soon. I am nervous about my MD showing around new people. I would be so embarrassed if my roommate caught me pacing one day. I'm also concerned about making friends if most of my time is spent daydreaming. 

Any college students have any tips???


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Comment by Jane L on January 1, 2018 at 3:31pm


No your comment was not pointless! There's a very high chance I'll have someone living in the same room as me but I'll figure out a way to hide it. I'm hoping I'll be able to make some to friends to distract myself from daydreaming. I need to find better ways to not start daydreaming in the company of others as it obviously makes me not very social. Thank you for the comment though it has alleviated some of my worries! :)

Comment by havoc on December 27, 2017 at 5:01pm

Hi Jane, I'm now in my last year of university/college, and my MD has reduced by a crazy amount since when i began first year. Do you actually have a roommate? Like literally someone living in the same room? I've lived anywhere between 2 to 15 people over the years, luckily never sharing a room but it really did affect my daydreaming, in the fact that i was less able to do it. i found myself going for night walks/runs through the city to relieve myself. But personally I was still able to make some amazing friends and i guess the MD was inadvertently put to the back of my mind. I tend to speak something out loud whilst briefly daydreaming when i'm with people which was my greatest fear but either no one notices or i just manage to pull it off. Either way I never felt like it was an issue really, of course apart from the fact that i feel my binge daydreaming as a teenager has deeply affected the way i connect with a lot of things and people so its true university would have been a completely different experience if MD wasn't in my life at all, but despite it i still feel like I've had an amazing experience. Hope this comment isn't totally pointless, best wishes

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