Have 2 weeks that my ex-girlfriend finished our relationship,

a lot of times she said that i was not so affective, that i was always distant.
And i had percieved that when i was with her, my wish to daydream was stronger,

Sometimes when we travelled i could not DD at least not pacing,

so i stood more distant and a little bit nervous, All i could wish was stand alone and DD.

Even in my family most of the time i want to be alone,  

i don`t want to talk with anybody i just want to DD.


Do you think that MD make you avoid people?   Somebody already experienced the same issue?

Do you avoid the people you love just to DD?

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Comment by Cristy Vite on September 24, 2011 at 10:57am

i understand what you're saying because that was the way i started to daydream to avoid things and people when i was 13 years, now i'm 25, i didn't wanted to hear anybody so i DD a lot until i couldn't stop. Now i can control this more and i suggest you to try to not daydream when you are with your friends, try to listen what they are saying, because when people talk they tell you a story and that's even better than daydreaming, try to spend more time with them and focus your attention on what they are saying, i know it's difficult but with practice you can do it. i remember when i had no friends and when i started to go out with my new friends, it was difficult not to daydream after they leave but i'm in control about that situation. Be patience and good luck. =)

Comment by SRT on September 20, 2011 at 11:01pm
Understandable. I wish time would stop and I could dd all day long. Although I understand that I live in true reality and I have responsibilities, repeating this to myself has helped me control my dd.  I have a good grip it so it doesn't majorly effect my relationships. I can't think of any times I have avoided someone as a result of dd although, I wouldn't be surprised if I did and just can't remember.
Comment by Riley on September 20, 2011 at 7:39am
I think it always depends on what kind of a day I had . If  let's say it was a bad one I know I don't really want to go anywhere but home and be by myself . I know I  blew friends off before too but at moments like that I don't care and that makes me feel selfish and guilty.

But even thou I do that every ones in a while I'm a pretty social person I go out with friends I hang out with others I like to do a lot of stuff but when it's all done and everybody is gone all I can think about is DD :)
Comment by stranger in a strange land on September 20, 2011 at 1:44am
I think I do avoid my friends and family. This year I try not to. Because I know that when I'm with them I'm happy and it's always fun. But I still find it difficult to leave the house and go out with them. I always feel I'd rather be alone, daydreaming, but then it appears it's actually more fun being with all this people than staying at home for the sake of daydreaming.
Maybe you should try spending more time with your friends. It's hard when you think you only want to DD, I know, but once you really focus on their company and forget about DD when you're around them, it's easy.
Now that I thought about it like this I think this may have been a big step to controlling MD. I used to DD even when I was around people, now I only do it when I'm alone.
Trust me, it may help, but it's something I've been working on for a year and it wasn't easy to achieve. I'm sure you can do this if you collect your thoughts and focus on the task. When you decide it's aesy to win ;)

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