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Just found this site - amazing!



Just found this site- literaly cried when I saw it. I've been in therapy for years for depression, and this 'overactive imagination thingy' as I call it. I've come quite far with my acceptance of myself.


In high school I cried and prayed out go God to take this horrible distraction away from life-and wondered why I was so different from everyone else. (there's still some times I try and wish it away..)

But, through therapy and -life span regression-I have come to see that instead, this is a blessing in my life-it keeps me safe, and protects me from past and present.  Having somewhere to go and 'hide' is a true comfort in my life.


When I first came to the website here, there's the statement about 'most kids have imaginary friends, and how adults lose it as they 'grow up' -- amazing, this is exactly how I try and explain it my therapist.


I never knew that other people are dealing with this just as I am.  I am very excited to read the posts and blogs here. 


Thank you




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Comment by Jane Wilson on May 23, 2011 at 3:22am
Welcome, there are a lot of us.  That over active imagination thingy is what allows artists to creat art.  Scientists to make leaps forward in knowledge.  It is a wonderful tool but it can be a horrible master.  Think of it as fire, an internal fire, controled fire can warm, cook food and is the begining of technology.  Fire out of control consumes everything around it and can kill.  At least that is how I look at it.  Have a great day!

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