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I've MDD'ed pretty much my entire life and like most people here, would rather be on my own than with most other people.  I'm what you might call a high functioning person, with a university degree, good job, lovely husband, etc, and I'm incredibly grateful for my blessings.  Which makes me wonder why I'm still doing this. 

I think my MDD started as a coping mechanism for a difficult, volatile and lonely childhood.  But ultimately, I'm not a child.  And it's my own decisions, not my conditions, that shape my life.  I respect anyone who is happy with MDD - good on you for accepting yourself and this part of your personality.  But I want to, and need to, stop.  MDD is stopping me fulfil my personal destiny - it's my hideout against difficult times and my aide in procrastination.  I want to stop.  I'm going to stop.

I'm going to keep an accountability log on here to document my journey in stopping MDD - without meds, without third party help - I'm on my own, with only my personally determined values, standards and decisions. 


Step One: Identify triggers


1.  Being alone.

2. Being a passenger in a car/train/etc.

3.  Listening to music.

4.  Watching media e.g. cinema, TV, DVDs.

5.  Higher than usual triggers of anxiety.


Tomorrow, I'm going to try not to MDD - considering that I have a five hours long train journey with only my tablet PC for company, that's going to be a challenge; let's see how I do.


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Comment by Iris on October 4, 2013 at 5:32am

How was your train-journey?

For me, stopping daydreaming by my own will never worked. It made me nervous and got me in a bad mood. The only thing that helped, was accepting my feelings, my fear and sadness - not to run away from my own feelings. I also stopped my bad concious about daydreaming. In this way I could stop MDD for quite a while, it came back, but very reduced.

Comment by Mynx on October 2, 2013 at 9:03pm

That is the exact same way I feel. I'm making a challenge to stop in the next 30 days of mdd

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