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Hi, what responses have you had from doctors or therapists when disclosing issues with MD

I have disclosed my MDD to various doctors (GPs here in England) and a couple of clinical psychologists / psychiatrists, the support I've received is minimal. One of them told me to 'go and live a happy life'.... That's helpful. Arsehole.  I just wondered what responses others have had when seeking medical support ? To be honest I think the people on here and on the Maladaptive Facebook page have provided clearer support.

Thanks ,

Chris, aged 46 and mental... Getting slightly worse daily.

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Comment by OhMyMagenta on December 24, 2017 at 9:19pm

As a therapist,I want t9 be able to explore my clients concerns about their MDD. I want to normalize & validate their concerns and show them they are not allone. A good therapist will Research the condition, find out all they can abt it and decide what would be the best course for treatment.  Bottom line; treatmeent is for the client & if they want to discuss MDD in their 1:1 sessions than so be it.  Miight not be formally recognized aa a mental health condition so their may create a billing issue.  Utilmately what it comes down to is this: it doesn’t matter the illness or if recognized by the DSM as a disorder.  Everyone should be shown the same emphathy  & professional  curtesy regardless of wther they’d heard of the condiition.  

Comment by Chris H on December 21, 2017 at 12:35pm

Hi Nicole, thanks for your response.  I have a doctors appointment on 28th December.. Dreading it. I know they will look at me blankly as I disclose my MDD. It's quite humiliating, especially when no one seems to have any understanding of my issues.  I am struggling with it at the moment, coming out of MDD leaves me in tears, feeling that my life is worthless.. It hasnt been this difficult before. 

Comment by Dreamer on December 21, 2017 at 12:24pm

Up until now, the response that I've had was no response. I would would explain the pretending and they wouldn't really say anything helpful or provide any explanation. It's as though they didn't think it was important. It was very frustrating because it was taking over my life and if I tried to talk about it, it was meant with silence. The therapist that I'm talking to now had never heard of the term MDD, but she at least has taken it seriously and seems to have done some research. Good luck!

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