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'What do you think? Will this do?'

'What? Yeah its pretty good, you are actually overdoing it at this point.'

'I need it, the extra points, what about you, are you done with yours?'

'Ah well nope.'

'Hey you told me you were going to complete it last night.'

'What can I say? I was in the mood of something else apart from work last night.'

'Does it have to do with K again? Aww..you still think about her. How cute.'

'Haha..does it make you jealous?'

'Is that something you wish?'

'Not really. Or maybe it depends.'

'You are impossible. You are going to lose the credit points for this too. What did you do last night? You look like you stayed up the entire night.'

'Kinda. Now a days I simply can't fall asleep.'

'And why is that?'

'Don't know. Sometimes you just lie in bed, unable to fall asleep.'

'You could have used that time to complete your work.'

'I guess I could have.'

'What is wrong with you? I just don't know, you have been acting like this since a year now.'

'A year? what? what are you talking about.'

'You have changed. Like a lot.'

'Well people do change.'

'You really don't want to have this conversation. You can straight up tell me.'

'What makes you think so?'

'You behave and talk in a specific way when you don't want to talk. But problem is you don't ever say it out aloud.'

'I don't know what you are talking about.'

'Yeah, that. Whatever. When are you going to complete it? deadline is tomorrow, you know that right?.'

'I know.'

'I can help you.'

'No its alright, I will complete it, if I feel like so.'

'Are you alright?'

'Looks like that.'

'No it doesn't look like that.'

'Can I ask you something?'


'If you are seeing a person for the last time, what will you say to them?'

'Dunno...goodbye? Well it depends on who that person is. It can range anything from: I am going to miss you to I don't want to see your god damn face again..ever!'


'Yeah..but goodbye for sure..its pretty generic, but that's what most people say. Why though? You broke up with someone again?'

'umm..nope. Not really.'

'You are acting weird my friend. Listen I am going to go, because I have stuff to do at evening, and I need to sleep too. I will call you when I get back home.'

'You can wait for a while. At least wait till the paint is dry.'

'It can dry while I am travelling too.'

'You are going to leave me alone here? This may be our very last conversation.'

'What? Are you telling me you are going to stop talking to me if I don't listen to you?'


'If you do that, I am going to call you..like all the time, and I will keep calling you until you answer your phone, if not then I will go to your apartment, keep knocking at the door till your roommates open it, and then I going to put this tape all over your face.'

'Geez, that's really scary.'

'I know. I AM scary. Anyways I don't think you can ever stop talking to me.'

'Haha..why is that?'

'Because I am fabulous, and irresistible.'

'You are.'

'WHAT? Dude, are you the same person I have known for years? It can't be! What has happened to you?'


'You never agree to anything I say, especially when I am calling myself fabulous.'

'uuuh..a man should learn I guess.'

'A MAN should not change all of a sudden..especially when it freaks his friends out.'

'So I can't be nice to people.'

'You are boring when you are nice!'


'I like the scumbag you more anyways.' :)

'I will take that as a compliment.'

'Oh my god! Its 4 already. I need to hurry up!'

'I will help you with the packing.'

'Thanks, put those in that yellow bag on that desk.'

*after few minutes*

'There you go ma'am.'

'Can't you come with me?'

'No, I need to get some stuff from the library.'

'Okay, bye see you tomorrow.'

'Bye. Goodbye.'


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