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Hey everyone. So I had my first visit to the psychologist the other day. Turns out I have Schizoid Personality Disorder, which is actually what i suspected all along. So it didn't really come as that much of a surprise. It's still kind of scary to have an actually diagnosed personality disorder, but you just have to keep going on. It's just that there's no good way to tell people about it. I only plan on telling people who I think should really know, but it's still hard. I tried telling one person, but I kind of wish I hadn't. I could practically feel the pity coming from them which of course doesn't make me feel any better about myself at all. But anyways. I just wanted to be able to tell some people who might actually be able to understand how i feel. 

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Comment by ShellyBelly on September 29, 2013 at 6:44pm

While I hope that this sets you on a road to better understanding and accepting yourself. I have read the symptoms and as long as you are happy with yourself , I can't see why you shouldn't live a happy and fulfilled life on your terms. And I think it's just fine if you don't want to tell people. They can be ignorant and who needs more ignorant people int heir life? No one. I believe that I have Avoidant Personality Disorder so I can somewhat relate. And congrats to you for having the bravery to see someone. :-)

Comment by Jenna on September 29, 2013 at 8:29am

Been there, done that. Trust me I understand how hard it is, but now you are on a path to feeling much better. Most people in society are ignorant, they don't quite understand mental disorders and you shouldn't feel pitiful about having one nor should others pity you. Rather they should applaud you for getting help, because most are too scared to. I understand the feeling of being scared, it's weird being told you have this or that, then explaining it to others. For me for example, having social anxiety and depression, it's hard to explain to people I may laugh and socialize, but I can't do simple things easily like ordering at a drive thru or participate in class.  Ignorance sucks and I've been pitied, and it just makes you feel worst. You're going to learn though, it's natural and what most people "think" mental disorders are wrong.

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