Financial Aid suspension MD might be killing me

So I am in my early 30s. I am currently attending college online and trying desperately to turn my writing into a small bit of income. Unfortunately my financial aid has been the only aid I have in paying for my computer, internet access and all the other needed stuff to keep attending class. I can't pay any of that without the financial aid.  The MD, compiled with the fact I have no medical and see my doc through the aid of a local non profit group means I get only basic care . I get the most basic of services so my MD has been rampant in the last  year or two. I am having a panic attack about it and keep loosing myself in images of me going to jail for not paying my bills. I have been staying with my parents trying to help and thankful every day that they even put up with me. We live in a small ancient mobile home that is falling apart in come place. My dad may be losing his job. The most basic of things like keeping the roof over our heads and not giving up our pets. (Id die first). May not be possible. The world just ended and I still can barley keep myself out of my MD world. How can any of us have hope? Even if I had money and excellent medical care how could I get help for something that is not recognized by modern medicine!!!?? BUt to have no money or proper medical care and look for help is just impossible!!!! 

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