Hello everybody, hope you are doing well.
I am writing this to you, because I claim I discovered the reason why we daydream excessively, why we want to escape real life and dive into fantasy world where we get what we want, feel the way we want to feel.
Long story short, I am a maladaptive day dreamer for so so long, ever since I can remember , and I did not accept it, I was irritated with myself, I surffed the internet million times looking for an answer to how to cure MDD.
Some people say:Avoid triggers, other people say do meditation, take pills, go cold turkey and just stop yourself from daydreaming.
All of the suggested tips above did not help me.
And I started to notice something, in all my daydreams I manifest all the feelings I needed to feel.
Feeling wanted, loved, taken care of, getting all the attention, impress someone.
I came to the realization that this symptoms (excessive daydreaming) stems from something deeper. And all I did all the time was to treat symptoms not the root of the problem by avoiding triggers, meditation and so on and so forth.
I never questioned myself once, why I wanted so bad to feel loved, taken care, wanted... Ect. That I would spend hours and hours daydreaming to feel it.
All of us have an inner child inside us, wounded, hurt inner child, needs to feel loved, taken care of, reassured.
Scientists say that on average if you were raised in almost a PERFECT, psychologically stable family, you would have at least say 22 childhood traumas.
Needless to say that I went through so many traumas more I can remember, I was bullied at school, almost deprived of love and attention from my parents, was a victim of my narcisst father, beaten really bad by father.
My inner child is super hurt, that's why I would rather dive into my fantasy most of the time, because I find comfort, love and attention there.
Healing your inner child is life changing, when you give him love, comfort and reassure him, you will find peace.

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