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There is nothing real, except what you can experience.  I base my reality off of experience.  I use that direction to decide how to live my life.  I want to live for reasons that are real.  If that means living in my head for most of it, until I meet someone who comes into the clouds with me, then I will do that. 


I use day dreaming to further myself by recognizing the dreams as they happen.  This helps me recall what I day dreamed in a class last year, and because of it I can remember parts of that class because of it.  Experiences around me weave it into the fibers of my dreams.  Feeling the class made it an applicable and tangible experience, and with the experience came a sense of reality. 


Talking to myself gives more of an emotional response than talking with strangers.  I struggle through small talk, but find great meaning in deeper talk.  I don't elicit the correct responses when people try and express emotion, but I understand them better than anyone else.  Emotion and communication are a communication catharsis. 


I like creating and developing things.  Whether friendships or ideas, they can both inspire greater creations. 

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Comment by Lori on March 6, 2011 at 8:27pm
Thanks for posting that. That was wonderful - especially the first sentence.

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