I began daydreaming around the age of 7 and it progressively got worse once I reached age 13. For me, I daydream and reenact scenarios only by listening to music with the exception of occasionally whispering conversations whenever I am not able to listen to music or just throughout my day sometimes. I replay the same part of a song over and over again and can do this for hours. If my bracelets or other noises are too distracting then I will take them off. I had to recently adjust my volume level because I listen to the music so high, my hearing could be affected. For me, it doesn’t feel like I have a choice even though I know I do. It interferes with my school and everyday life to the point of where I will leave my friend’s house to come home early and daydream or lie and tell my boss I am sick just so I can daydream. I feel the worst part is that people just don’t understand what it is because it isn’t listed as ocd or adhd. I am viewed as lazy or not devoted when in reality I want to stop so badly that it causes me to become very sad.

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Comment by Rose Only on January 27, 2021 at 1:06am
I know what you mean. This is such a guilty pleasure. Yesterday I skipped work and daydreamed the whole day until midnight. I'm 24 and I began when I was 7 too.

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