It's been 21 yrs of spending sometimes entire days at a time lost in a daydream of what, to me, would be the perfect life. When my actual life is at rock bottom, I basically live inside this daydream every moment I can. This can go on for months at a time and can involve discussions of my daydream life with online an IRL friends as if it is a part of my real life even though I know it's created in my mind. I've been creating alternative/additions to my real life since I was about 5-6 years old. It came natural and it was many many years before I realized it wasn't normal. I never knew what to call it but I keep it secret cuz I felt it meant I was really crazy and the only person who did it. At least knowing that I'm not, knowing it has a name and it's being studied, makes me feel a whole lot less of a freak.

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