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my characters have taken on a life of their own and can have full convesations with me in my head (no avatar, just them talking directly to where my "eyes" would be)

they are emotive and their facial expressions change reacting directly to what i say

i view them in this space reserved specially for them that i call the realm (where they move about kind of like sims that i cant control)

it's very solid and not at all daydream-like and i can see it by meditating

i can also channel them, so they can use my body to interact directly with reality. I have complete control and can break the channel at any time

when i channel them it's like i retreat to the center of my mind and watch them do the work! (control my body)

any edits i make to the story directly change and edit the actual beings

note: none of these beings are "idealized" versions of myself. They are all well rounded characters in my fantasy series i am writing. I'll admit i don't have daydreams that sound like the rest of y'alls and cant even visualize so well but am an avid thinker...

but then this happened. i practiced meditation for years and suddenly one day it led to channeling

any thoughts on this?

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