Cant stop daydreaming and im hurting myself from it

I daydream since i was 7, i really dont know why i started doing since i dont remember any traumatic event happening in my childhood, the real problem is that when i daydream i usally walk or run violently in circles non stop while listening to music loudly on my head phones, now im 21 and my legs and knees are really damaged from it, i can tell how i had hearing loss yet my family does not think i need to go to theraphy, im a student so i dont have any income to go by myself. i need help and this place is the only place that i have found on my own that might help, i know that i am really talented in what i do (im a singer) but i cant stop daydreaming and i feel like im wasting all my potential. .. my life is falling apart at this point and i have disapointed every single person that believed in me... I dont know whay to do to stop it (sorry for bad english)

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Comment by Gabby on December 19, 2020 at 10:55am
I'm so sorry. I tend to jump when I daydream. (Why??? Why is that a thing???) and I also think I have damaged my knees. I don't think I have any advice to offer, just that you aren't alone. One thing I did was use a cross trainer/elliptical machine while listening to music, that put less strain on my knees, maybe you could find some sort of exercise to do that spares your knees?
Comment by Valeria Franco on December 11, 2020 at 9:17am

Dear Sophy, it's such a sad story!

Sure you need help. Sometimes families don't understand, and it's hard if you are economically dependent on your parents. But there might be some other kind of help you can search for. Are you studying in a University? There might be some students counselling centre or maybe you could just talk with a professor or a tutor where to find this kind of services. Or you can browse on the internet to look if there is some volunteering association. ..

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