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Since the day i could sit up in my crib i've been body rocking. So since about 6 months old. As i grew up I was real awkward had very few friends and i blamed it on my body rocking. I sway back and fourth normally while sitting but can happen while standing. To make this clear, its not just when i'm day dreaming, it is constant. As i got older and my family moved away i made friends easier. Day dreams were always constant for me, id dream about big expensive meals (came from a poor family) about what id look like when i was older, id dream that i was pretty and had the perfect boyfriend things like that. At 15 is where became a lot like the rest of the people on this site. I had big friend group in high school and boyfriend and was kinda well known around my school and city. But i started staying in more, drinking alone and doing this thing where id plug my ear phones in and pick a song to rock back and fourth to and just start day dreaming about my day. Hours would pass. I wasnt in school didnt have a job (i was 15) so this allowed me all the free time in the world to just sit there and do nothing. Now that i'm 20 i don't really have the time to daydream anymore. It over took my life for so long because i had nothing better to do. I still day dream but limit to one hour a day, my S/O is good at keeping me true to that. BUT what i have been trying to do is find someone out there who has stopped rocking and would like to share how they did it. The Day Dreaming has been there since my first memory, the rocking has been there since the first time i sat up.  If i got the massive amounts of time i spent day dreaming from 8 plus hours a day (sometimes full days with only very few breaks between dreams if i needed to pee or something like that) all the way down to 1 hour a day.. I am hopeful I can bring the rocking to 1 hour a day as well, or not at all would be best. It doesn't matter if i'm at work, a wedding, family function or what i'll be rocking and i just want to stop so badly.

      This has been my first blog so forgive if you see mistakes or if i didn't get everything in there. There will be more to come.

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Comment by Abbie on May 1, 2018 at 7:12pm
My wife also does this, she is a very quiet shy person and her favourite thing is to be sat on the sofa with her headphones on, rocking back and forth. If she had her way she'd pass the whole day that way. She says she finds it comforting but has to restrain herself from doing this when she is in public. She with holds her rocking when she is out and doesn't restrict it at all when she is at home. That's her compromise and I support this so she can find her balance. Perhaps you could try being less restricted with your rocking time at home for now? Wean yourself off slowly. Be kind, it's a lifelong habit you are trying to change

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