I recently had a horrible nightmare.  The love interest from my daydreams, CJ, somehow became real and woke up in my reality.  Upon arrival, he was very upset and disoriented.  Eventually, when I managed to calm him down, I explained what was going on; how I had daydreamed him, his world, and how I was actually his girlfriend.  My daydreaming self and how I look in reality are not so drastically different that CJ couldn’t see a slight resemblance.  After the dust settled and he was able to absorb what had transpired, CJ grew very despondent.  He kept saying he just wanted to go home and begged me to put him back in his world.  When it became clear that I was unable to do so, his mood shifted and he became hateful.  In my daydreams, CJ is my protector and the love of my life, but in this dream, not so much.  When he appeared, CJ would berate me for not looking/acting exactly like my daydream self, and criticized any of my efforts to do so.  Nothing was ever good enough.  What killed me was how desperately sad he was and how powerless I was to give him what he needed.  Awful.

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