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Hmmm... I thought I might post a bit of a story description/summary that I've had written down for a while... I've had many new stories in the time since I've written this, but I've been pretty bad about recording stuff lately...

Well, I also though this story might appeal to a lot of people on this site, since I sort of had MD in mind when I was thinking of it. 

Also... my writing is not the best when writing out these things, since I don't try to make it sound good. And many things are unsure.

A group of kids wander/are taken into a world that is a world made up of (abandoned¿) ideas. One idea can run into the next and a powerful imagination can immediately effect the world, it just has to be stronger than the imagination of all surrounding things. The inhabitants of whatever area are, alive, they have free will, and grown and change on their own over time. The overall world is actually made of millions of world that support ideas, the kids can pass through the world-areas where an when the boundaries are thin, they can also take inhabitants with them though inhabitants can not go on there own.

The story starts as the kids trying to find there way back to the real world, while also trying to solve the mystery of why it was them that were taken and for what purpose.

They eventually figure out that they could go into the world because they have very strong creativity, though it isn't obvious in all of them.

They might find or are told that changing an idea in the idea world also changes it in the person's head, if that person is still alive. Though the person can still have a memory of what the idea was.

Characters: Not in any order.

Tessa Von Bargen- 16 years. She is a published fantasy/steam-punk/drama writer, who's popularity is rising fast. She has had some troubles adapting to the stress of a public life, or it more that her mother has had trouble getting used to it and this spills over on to Tessa. She tries hard to take on as much responsibility as she can, because she feels guilty about putting so much stress onto her mother, one of the ways she copes is by trying to take responsibility for anything she can, to make her mother's life easer. The aspect of taking on responsibility spills over into other aspects of her life, particularly in the idea-worlds, also partly because she is the oldest of the group, so she feels more responsible. She becomes a little bit like a team-mom. But I think at some point Sen might tell her that she needs to think about herself more (a tad hypocritical of him), her own needs and her own personality, rather than one that is just suited for being a leader.

Leila Sonia Jenkins- 13 years. A very quite, introverted girl. She prefers the world and characters she creates to the real thing. Her fantasies started as and escape from abusive parents and bullying, but it grew into a habit after she was taken in by her foster mother, whom she has a good, though distant, relationship with. She is very happy when she is pulled into the idea-worlds. She is the first one to directly change the world around them, though she isn't aware of it at first, and even after she becomes aware she keep it a secret from the others. She doesn't really see people as proper companions, but more as things that she can use to help her get what she wants, in the most quite, innocent way possible. She feels this way about her step-mother. Though this is mostly just her way of avoiding caring about people. She becomes friends/acquaintances with Tessa first, because Tessa is a published author Leila wants to learn from her and get connected to the business. She is rather calculating for her age, but this is mostly a product of her powerful imagination. She longs for her dreams to come to life, and would give up almost anything to live in a world of her own fantasies.

Sen Ayala- 15 years. Because he has had an illness for most of his life and spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals he was homeschooled. His mother also made the family move around a lot, because she was convinced that the hospitals were not do a good enough job. This put a lot of stress on Sen's father, and he eventually divorced Sen's mother. For a while Sen lived with his mother, but recently moved in with his father who began to give him a lot more freedom, and sends Sen to normal school. While in the idea-worlds Sen keeps his weakness a secret from the others because he doesn't want to hold them back, like he feels he did to his father, or have the treat him like an incompetent, like his mother did. Because he grew up with no long-term friends he has grown to have trouble making friends or talking openly to people, which can be frustrating for him. But people tend to see him as a cool, quite, loner.

Maya Holland- 14 years. In the same class as Victor, Elliot, Sen, and Addie. A very out-going preppy sort of girl. She does modeling jobs and enters beauty pageants. Her mother and father died, and left her with an inheritance big enough to live comfortably for the rest of her life. She acts dumb during school, in order to make herself more approachable, partly because she believes if she was smart and rich no one would talk to her. This is mostly subconscious however. She is used to comfortable lifestyle with lots of friends surrounding her, because of this she is rather unhappy at first in the idea-world. But eventually she makes friends with the others in the group and begins to show her hidden intelligence and creativity.

She actually knew Sen from a time in her childhood. She had broken her leg playing and Sen was in the hospital at that time and the two became friends, but never saw each other again after Maya left the hospital.

Elliot Farmer- 15 years. He lies, a lot. For little reason, other that he can and it makes life more interesting. This is reflective of a rather arrogant personality. He understands consequences, but isn't really affected by them. He sometimes manipulates people into getting or doing something he wants, but only if that is more challenging then getting it himself. He is very competitive, but not necessarily against another person, it's more like a competition between himself and his lies.

Victor Grey- 13 years. He has a brilliant scientific and mathematical mind because he is able to “imagine” the situation very clearly and solve any math or science problem.

If you have any name suggestions, or other suggestions for that matter, don't be shy about sharing them.





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Comment by Jane Wilson on May 18, 2011 at 6:28am
This is called a story outline which is a good start but not the same as telling a story.  To explain this lets consider something familiar, "The three little pigs."  A outline would be a short allegory dramatizing the rewards of diligence.  Believe it or not people can take a ten page story and write thick volumes about what the author was actually trying to say.  (A practice that annoys me to no end.)  You could describe each pig giving the birth position and life history of each pig to understand their motivation but this would contain a lot of information that will never make it into the story.  In fact in writing fantasy/science fiction when you get stuck on the plot/diaglogue it is good practice to work on background information of your environment, characters or the culture.  Even if none of this actually makes your current story it will help in makeing the character alive and real in your own mind.  Now the story starts with " Once upon a time, long, long ago there were three little pigs....,"  You are probably aware of the story.  That is the hard part for someone with MD, you may know a ton a of background information, you may know/or have several stories but actually telling that story to someone who can not see the information in your head!  That takes practice, dedication and is an ongoing process, I am in the middle of all the above.  Have a great day!

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