Maladaptive Daydreaming had once been the greatest concern of my life, especially after I suddenly discovered myself addicted to this strange phenomenon(I prefer not to say disorder). All MDers are quite aware that the world hardly knows about this, and proper treatment or cure, to my knowledge is yet to come. In a personal battle with this curse, I have spent almost two years trying to rediscover myself, re-figure out what I really was. And in doing so, I confess, I couldn't overthrow the specs of MD from my life. But I befriended MD as a companion in my troubles and a friend for my needs. Truthfully, MD doesn't kill my time anymore, it doesn't create a problem in completing my jobs in time but rather accompanies me in my lonesomeness... I am sharing a few important aspects that helped me come over my difficulties with MD in the past months, in hopes that they might be useful for other people as well. Please visit me here Kiss of fantasy if it interests you...




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